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Hi everyone My name is Mitchell D. Williams the founder and owner of Military Auctions LLC and following will be some information about me, the company, my partner and stuff you might like to know. I'm going to write what comes to mind and then I'll arrange it. I am a 49 year old 100% service connected permanently disabled US Marine veteran with a wife and 3 children. I've been disabled for about 15 years.

Back in July of 2015 I had a hip replacement and came home 3 days later was sitting on the couch and it dislocated, 4 days later I was back in the VA Hospital with the staff infection MRSA in my blood, bone and heart. Over the course of approx 3 to 4 months I went septic 3 times and the VA made 3 attempts to put a hip back in which failed and since then my femur hasn't been connected to anything which made me wheelchair bound and during that time I spent a total of 8 weeks in ICU. Fast forward to present and I have now had over 65 surgeries on the hip with a total of a year and a half spent in the hospital. For the last 2 years I've had a open wound the size of your fist that goes down to the bone on that hip and several doctors visits a month with a home health care nurse changing my wound dressing 3 times a week and my wife does it the other 4.

During this over 3 year ordeal I have spent a lot of time with my fellow veterans and got to see what the real issues our veterans are facing and during that time I decided I wanted to do something about it and God gave me the idea of Military Auctions. I'm not in this to become the next Gates or Zuckerberg. God owns this business I'm just managing it and whatever God wants of me I'm going to do.

With God's blessing, your help and with the help of our partner Victory for Veterans we will put an end to the issues plagued by our veterans. We want to get them off the streets, educate, train, employ and help them realize their full potential. We want to be a part of the Active Military Service Members checkout process to help them transition to veteran life. We believe that we can put an end to what plagues veterans by getting involved early and be a part of their life to the end. There is no end date to being a veteran and someone needs to stand up and take charge and that someone is going to be us. When we joined the military they took us by the hand to make us the best we could be in what ever branch we joined. We want to take that Active member by the hand to help make them the best veteran they can be helping in what ever aspect is needed. We can't do this without your help, let's put meaning to "leaving no man or women behind".

With God's blessings I also want to help the Jewish people that are being persecuted in other lands return to their home land Israel and reach their potential.

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